Historian, Writer, Commentator, Consultant.

Essays & articles


I review books (and less often films and other historical products), both in academic journals and in popular publications such as newspapers.

Reviewing is a vital part of the business of history. History is not a monologue; its a dialogue, in which authors write and others respond, sometimes privately and informally (in a letter or e-mail to an author), sometimes formally through the form of the review. It’s not as easy as it looks, and not just because reviews are usually written to a specified length. Reviews are not to be confused with puffs, endorsements and recommendations: they’re meant to offer honest appraisal and criticism. The problem with reviews is that they are written about (and will be read by) the authors of the books.

Here is a partial list of reviews I have written:

  • Alan Fewster Trusty and Well Beloved: A Life of Keith Officer
  • Gregory Blake To Pierce the Tyrant’s Heart: The Battle for the Eureka Stockade,
  • Paul Daley Beersheba: A Journey through Australia’s Forgotten War
  • Darren Moore The Soldier
  • Irene & Alan Taylor Those Who Marched Away: An Anthology of the World’s Greatest War Diaries
  • Claude Choules The Last of the Last
  • Jonathan Edlow The Deadly Dinner Party and Other Medical Detective Stories
  • John Thompson Documents that Shaped Australia
  • Richard Guilliatt & Peter Hohnen, The Wolf
  • Maria Hill, Diggers and Greeks
  • David Cameron, Gallipoli: the Last Battles and the Evacuation