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Lost Boys of Anzac

Posted by on Jan 18, 2012 in Books | 1 comment

ANZAC poppies by Tim DawsonLost Boys of Anzac (NewSouth, 2014 [forthcoming])

Ever since Quinn’s Post (2005) I’d wanted to write another book about Gallipoli. Thinking in 2010 about how Gallipoli has been treated in books in Australia, I realised that it had become a bit of a doughnut. There was of course a plethora of books about the campaign, but the actual day of the landing – for all the rhetoric of Anzac – had either attracted very little attention from researchers or had attracted mostly operational studies. There was Denis Winter’s 25 April 1915, Peter Williams’s The Battle of Anzac Ridge and recently David Cameron’s Gallipoli. But for me, while they contributed usefully to knowledge, there was something missing from each of these books. There seemed to me to be a human gap in the conventional historiography of Anzac.

Knowing that one of my interests was I decided that a book looking at the men of the 3rd Brigade – the first units to land – was merited. Research for this book is still underway. In 2011 I looked at accounts of the landing by Royal Naval men, and at the amazing collection of Australian accounts of Gallipoli in the Peter Liddle Collection at the University of Leeds. Those records persuaded me that there is indeed a new story to be told about what might seem like a very familiar event. Far from it: there is much more to be told: stay tuned.

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  1. Trevor Carroll

    Peter, I found your book, Lost Boys of Anzac at my local bookshop yesterday, as always books of this genre spark my interest immediately. I was thrilled to find a number of mentions of Percival Charles Greenhill, a great uncle of mine. In the past two years I have been researching my family history and came across Percival and his life story is very interesting. If you would like to have any additional information, please contact me.

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